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Currently offering a Revenue Share Loan:

25% gross revenues distributed quarterly until you are repaid 1.5x your investment. Distributions are made after the initial capital is raised.

Teddy Miller - CEO

We are very passionate about real-estate and take a lot of pride in the fact that we are taking houses that have been long forgotten and turning them into something that not only looks great but can produce income and can be made into someone's home again  

Teddy Miller -  CEO @ Prestige Worldwide Realestate

Why you may want to support us...

  1. Over 200 projects complete.
  2. We currently have a strong portfolio of cash flowing properties from Huntington to Charleston, WV.
  3. Less risk, more reward! This is not our first rodeo.
  4. Our goal is for everyone to make money and eventually find people looking to reinvest.
  5. $200,000 raised from prior investors.
  6. $1,000,000 lifetime revenue.
  7. 400 users and customers.
  8. Lead investor: David Miller invested $175,000.

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The Story of Prestige Worldwide Realestate

We started in 2015. It's been a pipe dream that has turned into a reality for many individuals.

First, we had to find a bank to take a chance on a new company and a young entrepreneur.

We went to several banks looking at any product they would be willing to set us up with and loan us money for a remodel. This was a long hard road.

Finally! We got a shot to show off our talents!

We purchased a dilapidated building that was falling in on itself in Huntington, WV that was a foreclosure and the bank had no hope of selling.

After a lot of research on materials, sub contractor prices, time frame for interest payments, and a solid plan we went back to the bank with our offer along with a budget of construction costs that exceeded $250,000

We got our first offer for funding!! But it wasn't what we expected.

We were able to purchase and finance the building for about what the land was worth along with a very low budget of $100,000 to complete all of the renovations.

Although this was a little discouraging we jumped in feet forward. One year and $150,000 later we had a finished project that generates $5,500 monthly. Even though the project would have been done in half of the time if we had the proper funding, we are still very happy with this accomplishment.


3rd Avenu original structure
3rd Avenu original structure - 2
3rd ave construction exterior - 1
3rd ave construction exterior2
3rd ave bathroom-1
3rd ave. constructing cabinets
3rd avenue completed kitchen
3rd ave completed bathroom and bedroom
Where we are now!

Now we're a powerhouse and do not let anything stand in our way from moving forward.

What started out as one guy with a dream has turned into a very aggressive team that has several big goals. We now have a portfolio that includes several properties as well as a complete in house construction team that handles all maintenance and remodeling of our current and future projects.

3rd ave construction exterior2
Outside of Shawnee
South Washington - front of house
40 Valley Hill Dr. - Front of House

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